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Can anime and manga review channels on YouTube get monetized through AdSense and if so, what are the criteria and requirements for eligibility?

YouTube's Partner Program allows creators to monetize their content through ads, but requires at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.

AdSense, a separate program from YouTube's Partner Program, allows creators to earn money from advertisements displayed on their videos, but requires a minimum of $100 in earnings to cash out.

Original content is crucial for monetization, as reused content can lead to demonetization, and creating original content, such as analysis and commentary, can help anime and manga review channels get monetized.

Using AI voices in reviews is possible, but creators must ensure they have the necessary rights to use and monetize the content.

YouTube's community guidelines emphasize clear rights to use and monetize content, avoiding reused content, and adhering to copyright laws.

Creators must comply with YouTube's community guidelines, including avoiding hateful, violent, or explicit content, to ensure monetization eligibility.

Monetization is not guaranteed, even with original content, as YouTube's review team checks for adherence to community guidelines and copyright laws.

Channels that violate copyright laws or community guidelines will not be eligible for monetization.

Creators can appeal monetization decisions, but must provide clear evidence of originality and compliance with guidelines.

YouTube's Content Monetization Policies state that royalty-free or Creative Commons content can be monetized when the license agreement grants commercial use.

Setting up a Google AdSense account is necessary for monetization, and creators must wait for the review process to be finalized.

YouTube's review team ensures channels have not run afoul of monetization policies before granting monetization.

Adding commentary to anime and manga content can make channels eligible for monetization, as it adds original value.

YouTube's algorithm considers engagement, watch time, and audience retention when determining ad placement and revenue.

Monetized channels can earn money from ads, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and memberships, but must disclose sponsorships and endorsements.

Creators can check for monetization indicators, such as the presence of ads, to determine if a channel is earning money from YouTube.

Monetization is usually granted within 2-4 weeks of applying, but can take longer due to YouTube's review process.

Creators can speed up the review process by ensuring their channel meets YouTube's community guidelines and copyright laws.

YouTube's Content ID system helps detect copyrighted content, and creators can dispute claims if they believe their content is original.

Creators can appeal to YouTube's Support Team if they believe their channel has been unfairly demonetized.

Get amazing AI audio voiceovers made for long-form content such as podcasts, presentations and social media. (Get started for free)