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What are some popular music collaboration platforms I can use to find an MC to collab with, since I'm currently just using social media?

Music collaboration platforms like Soundtrap, a cloud-based digital audio workstation, allow artists to work together in real-time, no matter the location or time zone.

Vlogtribe, a platform for YouTubers, suggests considering factors like age, niche, and audience size when looking for potential collaborators.

Reddit's r/HipHopCollabs community has over 14,000 subscribers, making it a hub for producers, rappers, and music enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

Discord, a communication platform, is often used by streamers and gamers to connect with others, build communities, and find collaborators.

Minecraft, a popular sandbox video game, has been used as a platform for massive collaborations, with over 1.8 million views on a single YouTube video showcasing a large-scale Minecraft collaboration.

Soundtrap, a music collaboration platform, allows users to create music together in real-time, with features like live commenting and @mentions to facilitate communication.

MCProfile Lookup, a search engine, allows users to search for Minecraft players by their usernames, making it easier to find collaborators.

Influencer collaborations with Minecraft have resulted in brand partnerships, like Burberry x Minecraft, demonstrating the game's vast creative potential., a platform for user-generated games and art, allows users to collaborate on projects, even with those they've blocked, without requiring direct interaction.

YouTube's collab feature allows creators to collaborate on videos, expanding their audiences and portfolios.

Twitch, a live-streaming platform, enables streamers to find collaborators and build communities through its chat functionality.

Music collaboration platforms like Soundtrap often include features like version control, allowing artists to track changes and revert to previous versions if needed.

Gaming communities like Minecraft and Twitch encourage collaboration, fostering creative partnerships and friendships.

Social media platforms like Instagram can be used to find collaborators, with artists and producers sharing their work and connecting with others in the industry.

Sample-based producers can find skilled MCs to collaborate with on platforms like Reddit, where they can share their beats and connect with potential collaborators.

Get amazing AI audio voiceovers made for long-form content such as podcasts, presentations and social media. (Get started for free)