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"How can I use ElevenLabs for voice acting in my projects?"

ElevenLabs utilizes AI technology to analyze and replicate human voices, enabling creators to generate realistic voiceovers.

The platform features a Voice Library containing pre-made voices in 29 languages, offering a wide range of styles and emotions.

VoiceLab, an essential tool provided by ElevenLabs, facilitates the creation of custom voices through Instant Voice Cloning or Professional Voice Cloning.

Instant Voice Cloning requires minimal voice samples and time for training, while Professional Voice Cloning necessitates a larger dataset and longer training period for higher quality results.

The generated voices can be used for various applications, such as video projects, games, podcasts, or any project requiring synthesized speech.

ElevenLabs supports voice actor payouts, allowing creators to monetize their voices by generating and sharing digital clones.

For optimal results, voice samples should be clean audio files with minimal background noise and should represent the speaker's natural voice.

Voice actor payouts involve creating a Professional Voice Clone or Voice Design, and then sharing it in the Voice Library for global projects.

The voice actor payout system ensures that creators receive earnings from upfront fees and can collaborate with ElevenLabs for ultrahigh-quality voice generation.

ElevenLabs' Voice Design tool enables users to create original custom voices by selecting gender, age, and accent, offering the same quality as premade voices but tailored to specific preferences.

Exclusive to ElevenLabs, white glove licensing deals are available for custom voices, with terms ranging from 1 to 11 years and guaranteed earnings.

The ElevenLabs Dubbing Studio and Voiceover Studio offer users the ability to create interactive content and manage audio timelines, enhancing the user's experience and creative possibilities.

The ElevenLabs text-to-speech feature converts written text into audio, using the selected voice and generating the requested audio.

ElevenLabs provides a range of AI voice generation plans, from a Free Plan with limited characters and custom voices to advanced plans with extended features.

The audio book editor in ElevenLabs allows managing and grouping audio takes, while the premium voice editor offers the creation of collections of coherent samples or dialogue.

Voice actor payouts with ElevenLabs provide a unique opportunity for voice actors and content creators to expand their reach and monetize their voices in various projects.

Get amazing AI audio voiceovers made for long-form content such as podcasts, presentations and social media. (Get started for free)